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March 2024
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FY23 performance monitoring results are available for thirteen SEMP objectives:

Overall performance results for FY23 are presented in the FY23 Monitoring Results Summary Tables. When averaged at the objective level, monitoring performance results were Green (positive/on track) for eleven SEMP objectives, Amber (caution/improvement needed) for two objectives, and not available (N/A) for one objective. In total, of the 77 SEMP metrics with performance criteria, 87% were Green, 4% were Amber, and 9% were Red.

An additional 29 quarterly, semi-annual or annual metrics reported in FY23 do not have performance criteria (i.e., they are “data only” or observational metrics). These measures provide quantitative monitoring results to the Oversight Committee for evaluation of changes over time and other indicators.

For each Red performance result, the SEMP Oversight Committee determines whether or not a root cause analysis (RCA) will be conducted to identify the underlying cause(s) for the results. Red results were reported for 9 metrics (9%) in FY23; however, the Oversight Committee determined that zero RCAs were warranted because underlying factors for these results are known.

More detailed SEMP monitoring results are available in the FY23 Annual Report

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