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March 2024
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The Fort Polk-KNF Oversight Committee met quarterly during FY22 to review and evaluate SEMP monitoring results. Committee meetings were held in November 2021, and February, May, and August 2022 at Fort Polk, Louisiana.

The Oversight Committee approved two metrics under Objective 4-2 during FY22. Approximately 103 of an estimated 105, or 98 percent of required metrics have now been approved by the Oversight Committee.

The SEMP FY22 Implementation Status Table identifies the SEMP objectives for which monitoring and evaluation protocols were approved and initiated as of the end of FY22. Monitoring and evaluation are now ongoing for all SEMP objectives; however, because there were no Army new construction projects on KNF lands in FY22, no reporting occurred under Objective 3-2 in FY22. A copy of the metrics and performance targets approved as of the end of FY22 is available here.





  SEMP FY 2022 Implementation            Status: Where Are We?